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Released on Quarterstick/Touch and Go Records

Track List:

1.All That We Can See
3.November Through June
4.Spy in the House of Memories
5.Any Other God
6.Dance for Hours
7.Out of Orbit

Dreams Before People Tour CD/EP

cover painting by Jennie Ottinger

Track List:

1.Dreams Before People
2.Hejrat (originally by Googoosh)
3.All That We Can See

OUT OF PRINT, but you can download it free here

Tour-only EP, from Oct 08 tour with Iron & Wine.

Hejrat 7"
Holocene Recordings 06

cover photo/art by Michael Aghajanian

Track List:

1.Hejrat (originally by Googoosh)
2.Sprout and the Bean (originally by Joanna Newsom)

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Googoosh was the most celebrated pop-singer of Iran during the 1970's before the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Afterwards, most pop-music was banned from the country and Googoosh herself went into a 20-year silence. Many Iranians fled to the United States and Europe, and Googoosh's voice resonated as the soundtrack of their former lives. The song "Hejrat" translates to "Migration", and is commonly interpreted as a song of mourning for a lover who has departed. We hoped to reframe it as a medium for telling the story of Iran itself and the many diasporic Iranians. As we explored the project and uncovered layers, we were surprised at the number of ways Googoosh's tale was contrasted, mirrored, and amplified by themes embedded in Joanna Newsom's deeply moving "The Sprout and the Bean." Both songs speak to a displacement, a search for place or identity, that could be interpreted at the individual or cultural level, and we find that the pairing ties two worlds together in a moving way, at a time when political rhetoric unfortunately escalates to the opposite extreme. Recorded by Greg Ashley, co-produced by Mehri Bavafa, and mastered by KutMasta Kurt.

Sholi/The Dead Science Split 7"
KDVS Recordings 002

cover design by Michael Aghajanian

Track List:

1.All That We Can See
2.Pinky Ring

7" SOLD OUT, but you can purchase on iTunes

cover art by Michael Aghajanian

3-song CD/EP (14.1 min)

Track List:

1.Like Any Other God
3.Come Perihilion


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